See you in 2021

Having reviewed the latest COVID-19 guidelines from the RYA on how to safely run a skippered yacht charter, the marina restrictions and the costs of starting up the business for the remaining couple of months this year, it is with great sadness that we have decided to wait until the new season, the spring of 2021 before we will be offering any trips on Ceto.

We will provide further information about plans for 2021 in the new year, please watch this space or contact us if you want to be notified about any events for next year.

Ceto is back in the water

After several months on the hard, Ceto has now been re-launched and is back in the water at Southampton. When the next phase of easing under COVID-19 allows us to stay onboard overnight we will be sailing Ceto down to Plymouth for the rest of this year. We are hoping to do this at the beginning of July 2020.

We have yet to receive any guidance on our ability to offer skippered charters on Ceto but may be able to offer day sails assuming we remain outside and maintain the social distance space during the voyage.

Currently there is no advice on sharing facilities onboard to enable customers to stay overnight on Ceto and to be able to sail to other locations over several days. We will keep you updated as soon as further information is released.

Coronavirus – CETO is grounded

Sadly due to Coronavirus our planned events for 2020 have been put on hold. CETO was out of the water in March when the lockdown started and that is where she remains until we are able to sail on her again.

Although day sailing is permissible staying onboard overnight is not as it is regarded to be staying in ‘your second home’. Once this status has changed we will launch CETO and get her ready to sail for the remainder of this season.

For guests to join us, we will have to wait a bit longer for guidance as we would be unable to maintain the 2m distancing rules living onboard. We are hoping to be able to offer some sailing opportunities later in the year somewhere on the south coast.

Last Mile Builder to France for 2019 was a wild one!

Well we had to delay our departure to Cherbourg, no gentle sail to Lymington Friday night due to strong winds and chucking it down with rain. Instead we had a nice meal, early sleep at 8pm and then up for an early departure at midnight and plenty of night sailing to Cherbourg.

We had a great passage over though a bit lumpy and exciting out of the Needles and arrived in France for an afternoon siesta.

With strong winds forecast to build for the return passage the crew decided to make an early departure back to Southampton aiming to arrive as the tide turns at the Needles. However we had a super fast sail back averaging 8-9 knots and got back a bit too soon – experiencing some turbulence with wind over tide at the Needles. All survived with fab photos and great conversations over dinner that evening.

Here are a few pictures;

Leaving Cherbourg – a nice gentle passage to start
Eek moment through the Needles
Holding on tight!
Nearly into the Solent
Ah – a nice evening

Mile-Builder – July 2019

Another excellent sail from Southampton to Cherbourg and back with force 5 winds there and back increasing to a blustery force 6 through the Needles.

We left the rain behind and had blue skies and a fast passage to France within 7 hours leaving the Needles.

Below are some of our photo shots giving a flavour of our trip

Evening meal with the crew before early morning departure
Dinner a la local French Restaurant
Arrival in Cherbourg
Back to UK via the Needles
Time for a sun sight!
Early departure back to Southampton


Round the Island Race 2019

An unusual wind direction this year meant a feisty downwind start before settling down to a gently breeze as we made our way down the Solent towards the Needles.

At this point the wind was shielded by the cliffs and we floated backwards out past the Needles until we drifted into the breeze for a beat against the tide round the South of the Isle of Wight.

All was looking good and set to bear away from Ventnor up towards Bembridge….but alas no, the wind had backed and we were still beating slowly as it slowly faded away and once again we were becalmed.

A few more puffs of wind enabled us to creep up to Bembridge at which point after 10 and half hours of racing with only a slight chance if the wind picked up that we would make it to the finish line at Cowes we decided to retire and make our way under engine for dinner and drinks.

The only consolation is only 257 out of over 1200 boats actually finished the race this year.






The team 2019

Cross Channel – Milebuilder May 2019

What a great weekend – just perfect conditions there and back for our first trip to Cherbourg in 2019. Leaving early in the morning with the sun rising over the Needles and a nice F4 all the way arriving in time for afternoon tea French style!

Early departure from Lymington
Sunrise over the Isle of Wight
After a good night eating, drinking and sleeping we start our return sail to Southampton
Crossing the Shipping Lanes
Approaching Southampton waters and Calshot spit

Round the Island Race 2019

PurelySailing will be entering the RTIR on the 28th – 30th June 2019 and we are looking forward to welcoming guests aboard CETO for this annual race which never fails to excite no matter the weather. This iconic race annually attracts in the region of 1500 yachts from around the globe.

We have now SOLD OUT all our berths

  • Practice day sailing Friday
  • On board overnight accommodation Friday and Saturday
  • On board breakfast and lunch Friday and Saturday
  • Soft drinks, tea, coffee and biscuits
  • Complimentary glass of champagne (end of race)
  • Team polo shirt