Round the Island Race 2019

An unusual wind direction this year meant a feisty downwind start before settling down to a gently breeze as we made our way down the Solent towards the Needles.

At this point the wind was shielded by the cliffs and we floated backwards out past the Needles until we drifted into the breeze for a beat against the tide round the South of the Isle of Wight.

All was looking good and set to bear away from Ventnor up towards Bembridge….but alas no, the wind had backed and we were still beating slowly as it slowly faded away and once again we were becalmed.

A few more puffs of wind enabled us to creep up to Bembridge at which point after 10 and half hours of racing with only a slight chance if the wind picked up that we would make it to the finish line at Cowes we decided to retire and make our way under engine for dinner and drinks.

The only consolation is only 257 out of over 1200 boats actually finished the race this year.






The team 2019

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